Getting a Hold on Something Slippery 2012     "Getting a Hold on Something Slippery 2012"

  Oil on MDF-board h61 x w61cm,
  June 2012

I have sanded down a few old paintings on MDF-boards with a belt sander, so that I can paint over them. This one as well, from 2000. The sanded result, however, proved too interesting to be painted over just like that, so I have made a new version of the original one.

The Brilliant Rainbow Benders     "The Brilliant Rainbow Benders"

  Oil on canvas h80 x w120cm,
  August 2012

Unfortunately, this band is no longer available for booking and their music cannot be heard anymore. In their heyday they even hauled a genuine light show with them to the pubs and back-alley halls where they would perform. They say that some gigs were recorded on tape recorders and cassette recorders, but it is unclear where this material is now and whether it can still be played. Singer Mollie Moped passed away rather early, hastened by a thorough diet of pastry and cigarettes. Her moped still stands conked out and rusted in the backyard of her favourite niece Lina, who has not had the heart to get rid of it. Freddy 'Fingers' Finders has been admitted to a clinic, probably for good. He has always had problems with life, but on his banjo he could really let go and he was pure magic. Wally, the accordion player, is now on the buses and speaks just as little as he used to. He just makes his rounds on the bus and then returns home. It is said that he does occasionally play the accordion, but his old mother, with whom he is still living, is now too deaf to hear it.

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