Halo     "Halo"

  Oil on canvas h70 x w90cm,
  March 2013

Holiness is the consequence of exemplary behaviour and well-considered charitableness. Apart from this, two officially recognized miracles are required to be awarded a halo. Who actually recognizes these miracles and on the basis of what? Suppose that others contest the recognition of these miracles, will your halo be taken from you just like that? And can you lodge an appeal against such a verdict? If so, with whom? Looking at it this way, a halo is quite a headache.

Spectacle     "Spectacle"

  Oil on canvas h80 x w120cm,
  May 2013

And suddenly something appeared in the sky. It drew everybody's attention and created quite a stir. The mixed company in gaudy colours kept on talking about what they had observed and for quite some time the whole city found it hard to settle down. The next few days the spectacle was all over the headlines. Have a look at how empty the right-hand side of the painting is. There is nothing going on there. The jaw-dropping spectacle is out of the picture and thereby wonderfully mysterious. You can fill in for yourself what there is to be seen.

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